Early life

I spent most of my childhood in some fairly remote towns in southern India. I had exposure to C, HTML and photoshop early in my life. Thanks to my school. I was able to easily pickup and learn them. I was good with mathematics and sciences and cracked India’s most prestigious Engineering exams - IITJEE and went to IIT Madras to do engineering and specialize in Product design (2014-19)

First startup

In college, I always wanted to build a product, startup something. Though I executed my ideas very badly, in hindsight, it got me started. I wanted to build a social media for creators (called Vedik) back in 2015. I taught myself coding (learnt MEAN stack), built mobile apps and website, took the product to few users, was excited, sad, managed academics and finally discarded the product. Why? I realized I was not the right person to build this product. I did not know my customers properly. I did not know much about creators. However, I spent 3 years on this and learnt quite a bit of technology. This helped me advance in my career.

Algo trading

I was also interested in trading. After college, I had a few months before I joined job. This is when, I tried algo-trading. I mixed my coding skills to automatically using my imagination. As usual, it did not work and I discarded again. But then, after a few months, I met a friend who was from finance background. He was talking about some trading strategies and this is when we could put my coding skills and his finance skills together and build algo-trading systems that work. We have been doing from 2019 to now.


I first learn about Bitcoin and Ethereum in mid 2017. Back then, I was naive enough to not understand their value. I made some small investments and f-ed them up by early 2018.

During this time, I was working in a Singapore based company called FinMechanics and was technology consulting for some of the top banks in India. At this time, I wanted to take chances in life. I wanted to expand algo-trading and work in web3. I quit job in Jun 2021.

Way ahead

Since then, I did multiple freelance projects for various clients in algo-trading and blockchains. I participated in ETHGlobal Hackathon and built a product as well. Mainly, I joined hands with a team to build Neev - a DeFi based fixed income product for risk averse customers.

I plan to continue to do so in the near future to scale my projects and also work with various web3 communities.